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Maureen Lukie

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Tue, Nov 02, 2021 | 07:30pm - 10:00am
Wed, Nov 03, 2021 | 07:30pm - 10:00pm


Maureen Lukie
Music Director

CONN, THE SHAUGHRAUN – a lively rogue with a big heart and little respect for authority, “the life of every funeral”

CAPTAIN MOLINEUX – a young English officer, new to the area, who soon finds his loyalties tested when he falls in love with Claire Ffoliott

ROBERT FFOLIOTT – a young Irish Gentleman, at the opening of the play a political prisoner who may be sentenced to death or exiled to Australia

ARTE O’NEAL – A fiery young gentlewoman, in love with Robert

CLAIRE FFOLIOTT – Robert’s sister, clever and daring

MRS. O’KELLY – Conn’s mother, weary of her son’s misadventures

FATHER DOLAN – the parish priest, older and wiser

CORRY KINCHELLA – villain of the piece, intent on stealing the Ffoliott estate and forcing Arte to marry him.

HARVEY DUFF –A police agent posing as a peasant (Keach)

MOYA – Father Dolan’s niece, in love with Conn, and his champion

SERGEANT JONES – a soldier


This play will be presented in rehearsed  Zoom performances, November 26 & 27. There will be maximum of 6 on-line rehearsals plus technical and dress, from Nov. 7-24. Full memorization of lines will not be required. On-line auditions November 2 & 3 evenings. 2 minute monologue maximum. Book A soft copy of the script is available if needed.


THE SHAUGHRAUN by Dion Boucicault is a lively melodrama, including cliffhangers and sly comedy. Robert Ffoliott, a young rebel, has been imprisoned and Corry Kinchella hopes to steal Robert’s lands and his fiancée. The wily, loyal and cheeky Conn the Shaughraun (meaning ‘vagabond’, pronounced ‘shock-ron’), schemes with Arte, Robert's fiançée, and Claire, his sister, to break Robert out of prison, even if it means sacrificing himself.

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