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Waldie's Blacksmith Shop, 16 James St., Milton
Sun, Jun 19, 2022 | 02:00pm - 05:00pm
Mon, Jun 20, 2022 | 07:30pm - 10:00pm


Music Director


WADSWORTH – A traditional British butler in every sense: uptight, formal & “by the book”. The driving force in the play
YVETTE – A sexy, French maid with her own secret aspirations (also plays the reporter in the final scene) MISS SCARLET – A dry, sardonic D.C. Madam who is more interested in secrets than sex
COLONEL MUSTARD – A puffy, pompous, dense, blow-hard of a military man
MRS. PEACOCK – The church-going wife of a Senator. A bit batty, neurotic, & quick to hysteria
PROFESSOR PLUM – An academic Casanova who woos women with his big brain
MRS. WHITE – A pale, morbid, & tragic woman. May or may not be the murderer of her five ex-husbands MR. GREEN – A timid, yet officious, rule follower. A bit of a klutz & awfully anxious
ENSEMBLE: The Cook, The Motorist, An Agent, Mr. Boddy, The Cop

Ages of the characters will be determined based on availability of actors


Auditions: Sunday June 19, 2022, 2pm - 5pm and Monday June 20, 2022, 7:30pm – 10pm Where – Milton Historical Society Waldie Blacksmith Shop, 16 James Street, Milton, L9T 2P4

Monologue not required, cold read from the script. There is no need to book an audition time as the director will be pairing actors in various roles to play off of each other (group readings).
Select preview readings available upon request, please send an email to

Please show up at the beginning of auditions Sunday OR Monday and be prepared to stay till the end.

Rehearsals: Tuesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm; Thursday 7:30pm - 10:30pm; Sunday 6:30pm - 9:30pm, at St. Paul’s United Church, 123 Main St. East, Milton.

Show dates: November 4,5,6,10,11,12 2022 at The First Ontario Arts Centre Milton ALL show dates and production week rehearsals are mandatory

For more information please visit our website, or email us at


It's a dark and stormy night, and you've been invited to a very unusual dinner party. Each of the guests has an alias, the butler offers a variety of weapons, and the host is, well . . . dead. So whodunnit? Join the iconic oddballs known as Scarlet, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard as they race to find the murderer in Boddy Manor before the body count stacks up. Based on the cult classic film and the popular board game, Clue is a madcap comedy that will keep you guessing until the final twist.

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