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Lisa Lamothe

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Markham Little Theatre Backstage, 9350 Markham Road, Markham District Heritage Museum (N-W cnr 16th Ave & Markham Rd), Markham
Tue, Jun 21, 2022 | 06:00pm - 09:00pm


Music Director

We have cast three of the roles, but are still seeking two characters:


Age:  30-35

A server at the diner.  "Girl next door" look -- a natural beauty.

Down to earth, but has a backbone.  This lady is blunt, not shy.


Age:  35 - 40

The visiting doctor

Tall, handsome but humble, a bit rugged


Contact the director, Lisa Lamothe, in order to request an audition.  A resumé and headshot are preferred.

You will be contacted with an audition time slot, along with pages from the script ("sides") with which to prepare.  You do not need to memorize the sides, but some consideration and rehearsal re: delivery is expected.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Table-read by the end of June (date TBD)

Rehearsals to take place throughout the summer evenings (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays -- the occasional Sunday)

Show dates:  September 15-19, 21-24, 28-October 1.  All shows at 8:00pm with the exception of Sept. 19 Matinée

All auditions, rehearsals and shows to take place at our BACKSTAGE THEATRE, located on the grounds of the Markham Museum. (North west corner of 16th Avenue / Hwy 48 Markham)

You must be a paid member of our group in order to perform with us.  Membership fees for the 2022 / 2023 season are $25, which will be collected during rehearsals.

Markham Little Theatre is a non-profit community theatre, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.  We do not pay our cast or our crew.




There’s no such thing as a secret in Stewiacke. Not when the gossips meet for coffee every day at the local diner. Vi, Rita, Mary Ellen, and Janine are all as close as can be, and they know everybody’s business. But when Sean, a heartbroken doctor, moves in to take a temporary job at the clinic, he tips the Maritime town that’s famous for being halfway between the North Pole and the equator off its axis. While Sean decides to pursue Janine, it only brings her closer together with her friends, who each have their own messy love lives. Vi just turned down her boyfriend’s proposal, Mary Ellen is tired of doing everything for her husband and sons, Rita just wants to find a date, and Janine already lives with a man she loves a “little bit. ” Can everyone find what they’re looking for in Stewiacke? And what happens when someone finds out a secret that managed to be kept hidden?

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