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Katherine Turner
416 439-1104
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Scarborough Players Rehearsal Studio, 780 Birchmount Ave, Unit 5, Scarborough
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Wed, Sep 14, 2022 | 12:00am - 12:00am
Wed, Sep 14, 2022 | 12:00am - 12:00am


Music Director


Celebrating our 64th Season


2022-2023 SEASON

Scarborough Players invites applications from Directors for the following production:

June/July 2023 Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

move into the theatre on June 18, performances June 30, July 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 2023

*Important:  Please, submit your application by September 16, 2022


Application Information

To apply, please prepare and submit the following items:

  • A current resume highlighting relevant experience
  • A cover letter stating your interest
  • Names and contact information of two arts-related references, for example, theatre groups for which you have worked previously

*by email to sp@theatrescarborough.com

 (Please note: this is a new email address)

*Submit your application by mail to:

Scarborough Players Hiring Committee

c/o 780 Birchmount Avenue, Unit #5

Scarborough, ON

M1K 5H4

Email is best as we are limiting access to our rehearsal unit.

*Application Deadline is September 16, 2022

Interviews will likely be conducted on ZOOM in October TBD

For further information, email sp@theatrescarborough.com

Additional notes:

  • While we strive to interview as many candidates as possible. We cannot guarantee that all applicants will be interviewed.
  • Arms and the Man is in the Public Domain
  • Scarborough Players is a community theatre organization – non-union/non-paying
  • Scarborough Players is a volunteer organization and we do not provide honorariums
  • Celebrating our 64th Season



    For your interview, please prepare a proposal describing your understanding of the play and how it will be realized in the production. The interviews will likely be on ZOOM. The Hiring Committee asks that you please email a written copy of your proposal, along with your resume prior to your interview. Interviews will likely take place in October TBD.  This will provide the committee an opportunity to review and prepare appropriate questions. The copy also proves to be most helpful during the committee’s deliberations. The committee asks that you please be brief and concise – 3 to 4 pages should suffice. Please be sure to cover the following topics in your proposal:

  • Story Telling i.e. What is the style of the production? What’s the primary action? How does this story engage the audience?
  • Casting Requirements with brief character summaries - we’d like to know your perception of the characters
  • Audition Process
  • Rehearsal Process
  • Set and Props Concepts and Challenges, if applicable (please take into account our stage is a thrust stage and how you will take advantage of that)
  • Lighting and Sound Concepts (and Challenges, if applicable)
  • Hair and Makeup Concepts (and Challenges, if applicable)
  • Costume Concepts (and Challenges, if applicable)
  • Each production has a budget of $3,000, which will be strictly enforced – we are definitely managing costs as we recover from the pandemic shut down.
    1. How do you see this budget being distributed? Ex. 15% costumes, 5% hair and make up, 35% set, 20% props, 5% sound, 20% lighting
    2. Is there anything in your concept for the production that may require special arrangements or costs? Ex., fight coordinator, hydraulic beauty shop chair that raises and lowers, revolving gobos, etc.
  •  Preferred Production Staff, if applicable
  •  Any commitments that would conflict with rehearsal or show dates
  • A copy of the director job description and audition policy are available by request.

    Please Note:

  • As a guide, the interview is 20 minutes total which includes a 10-minute presentation and 10 minutes for questions from the hiring panel.
  • Arms and the Man is in the Public Domain - we acknowledge that some minor changes can be made. Perhaps Russia is not the good ally.



The play takes place during the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War. Its heroine, Raina Petkoff, is a young Bulgarian woman engaged to Sergius Saranoff, one of the heroes of that war, whom she idolizes. On the night after the Battle of Slivnitza, a Swiss mercenary soldier in the Serbian army, Captain Bluntschli, climbs in through her bedroom balcony window and threatens to shoot Raina if she gives the alarm. When Russian and Bulgarian troops burst in to search the house for him, Raina hides him so that he won't be killed. He asks her to remember that "nine soldiers out of ten are born fools." In a conversation after the soldiers have left, Bluntschli's pragmatic and cynical attitude towards war and soldiering shocks the idealistic Raina, especially after he admits that he uses his ammunition pouches to carry chocolates rather than cartridges for his pistol. When the search dies down, Raina and her mother Catherine sneak Bluntschli out of the house, disguised in one of Raina's father's old coats.

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