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Edward Niles

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Whitby Courthouse Theatre, 416 Centre St S, Whitby
Tue, Oct 19, 2021 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Thu, Oct 21, 2021 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm


Music Director

BROOKE WYETH (30-45 year old female) is a highly educated, politically liberal writer. A California native, she has made her home on the East Coast for the past many years. Brooke is described as “a dry and attractive” woman & - she holds herself with intelligence, and has a minimalist, low-maintenance style (which her mother Polly sees as scruffy and frumpy). In conversation, she is both matter-of-fact and emotional, with a similar (though less used) talent for cruel barbs as her mother.

POLLY WYETH (55-75 year old female) is a former Hollywood screenwriter, and wife to Lyman Wyeth, a former screen actor and Republican ambassador. Polly is elegant and polished: the kind of woman who is never without her string of pearls. She is fiercely intelligent and sure of herself. Her mantra, given her by her good friend Nancy Reagan, is: “Order. Precision. Control.” Her idea of a light conversation with her children involves eviscerating their life choices and political beliefs with a laugh and a smile: she is famous for her cruel barbs, although in her opinion, they come from a place of love.

LYMAN WYETH (55-75 year old male) is a former Hollywood screen actor and ambassador for the Republican party. Known for his death scenes in a myriad of B-movies, and his membership in a select social group which included the Reagans. Lyman is now living in retirement in a relatively isolated desert home in Palm Springs with his wife Polly. Lyman is a polished, dignified, and kindly man, who balances a commanding self-assurance with the role of conciliator in his marital relationship. He is described as sturdy and oak-like, and is undoubtedly the family’s peacekeeper.

SILDA GRAUMAN (65-79 year old female)e is a former Hollywood screenwriter and an alcoholic, currently in recovery, living with her sister Polly and Polly’s husband Lyman in their isolated Palm Springs home. Silda has struggled with her demons for years, and as a result can have a faded or broken quality. She is still feisty and passionate, however, sparring with her conservative sister over politics and encouraging her niece Brooke to write her family memoir.

TRIP WYETH (25-35 year old male) is a TV producer, specializing in trashy courtroom reality shows who lives in California. His affluent background gives him a bit of upper-crust elegance, but he is boyish and easy-going, with a casual and comedic temperament and a conciliatory manner. He is both an entertainer and a peacemaker. Trip is likeable, bright, and socially popular. He is the youngest member of his family; he loves and looks up to his parents and big sister, while remaining aware of their difficulties and flaws. Trip is a clear-sighted individual, with no high ideals but plenty of human heart.



Whitby Courthouse Theatre’s COVID-19 Safety Policy requires proof of full vaccination to participate in any activity, including auditions. Two doses of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine must have been received more than 14 days before the audition.

Rehearsals - Whitby Centennial Building - Sundays 2-5pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-10pm (beginning November 2).

Preview:          February 9

Production Run: February 10-12, 17-19*, 24-26*, 8pm (*2pm and 8pm)

Steps to Audition:

  • Fill out the audition form online at</li>
  • Once we receive the form, we will contact you with a confirmation of your audition date and readings to prepare, as well as COVID-19 requirements. No monologue will be required.

"Other Desert Cities" involves a family with differing political views and a long-held family secret. The play's name refers to a control city guide sign on eastbound Interstate 10 in California, which indicates that the freeway is headed towards Indio, California and "other Desert Cities" (that is, the rest of the Coachella Valley). The play's events occur around the Christmas 2004 holiday, when the family of Polly and Lyman Wyeth gather in Palm Springs, California. Their daughter Brooke Wyeth returns home after six years. Polly's sister Silda is also visiting, out of a time spent in rehab. Polly and Lyman are Republicans, while Silda is a liberal. The sisters co-wrote a series of MGM comedies in the 1960s. Brooke announces to her family that she is about to publish a memoir dredging up a pivotal and tragic event in the family's history—a wound they don't want reopened. That event is the suicide of her late brother Henry, who had been involved with the radical underground subculture.

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