Supplementary THEA Ordering Information

In 2004 the ACT-CO Board adopted the following policy regarding the purchase of additional THEA trophies for recepients of shared awards.

  • When multiple group members are explicitly recognized or named (e.g. a collaborative design or production team) in the presentation of a single Festival award, the Group may apply to purchase additional THEAs.
  • A maximum of four (4) named individuals may have a single trophy that symbolizes their part of the achievement.
  • If 4 persons are named as the award winners, then one THEA is presented to the 4 and, if they choose, 3 additional THEAs may be purchased.
  • If more than 4 persons are named as winners, or if an ensemble is recognized without naming any individuals, then no additional THEAs may be purchased.
  • Any eligible person may request that their Group submit a request using the Application to Purchase Supplementary THEAs form.
  • Each supplementary trophy requested costs $100.
  • All requests must include pre-payment by cheque before ACT-CO will review, approve, or process any orders.
  The process ACT-CO will follow with respect to all requests received is:
  1. Parties requesting additional THEAs should complete, print, and mail the ORDER FORM.
  2. A seperate form should be filled out for each requested THEA.
  3. The DEADLINE to order is the ACT-CO Annual General Meeting (usually the first Monday in June each year). All forms must be completed in full and original hardcopies mailed to the Festival Chair (see address on the Order Form).
  4. The cost for each THEA ordered is $100. Payment can be combined into one cheque for multiple orders sent together.
  5. Payment must be received before an order can be processed. Ensure that cheques are made payable to "ACT-CO". Do not include any other words on the "pay-to" line.
  6. Upon receipt of an order, the information will be reviewed and validated with ACT-CO records.
  7. Once the order information has been validated and approved, the requesting party will be notified and payment cheque(s) will be processed.
  8. When the payment cheque has cleared, the THEA(s) and the appropriate awards card(s) will be shipped or delivered to the address provided with each order.