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Judi Cragg

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Theatre Aurora, 150 Henderson Drive, Aurora
Tue, Dec 06, 2022 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Wed, Dec 07, 2022 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Sun, Dec 11, 2022 | 07:00pm - 09:00pm


Keith O'Connell
Music Director

Anne Frank: 13 year-old girl (ages to 15) who is warm, witty, intelligent, sensitive, often impatient, spirited, with all the longings, expectations and attitudes that adolescence brings.

Margot Frank: 15 year-old sister of Anne (ages to 17) who is pretty, quiet, obedient, friendly, very intelligent, overwhelmed by the trials of hiding, very close to her mother and father.

Otto Frank: Mid 40s to early 50s. Father of Anne and Margot. He is the head of the group living in his Annex. He is a wise man; fair,patient, intelligent. He is beloved by his workers who protect him and his family as well as the other tenants of the Annex throughout the war.

Edith Frank: Mid-40s. A lovely woman, wife and mother. She is barely able to cope with the demands of everyday life in hiding and isolation, tries very hard to accommodate the lower middle-class van Daan family, whose ways are an irritant to her and cause her to erupt into a seething rage.

Peter Van Daan: 17 year-old boy (ages to 19) He is awkward and shy, and tries to stay out of everyone’s way. He hates his mother and father’s constant quarrels, He ages from the introverted teenager to the more mature 19 year-old who enjoys the company of the girls and who begins to be interested in all the other occupants of the Annex.

Petronella Van Daan: Mid 40s. She is loud, egotistical, talky, often crude and overbearing. She feels that she is the Queen Bee in the group, chafes under her husband’s control, and tries to run the household.

Putti Van Daan: Mid-40s to 50s. He is dour, selfish, complaining, and highly critical of his son Peter. He is rather withdrawn from the other occupants of the Annex. His transgression causes the great blow-up in the Annex.

Jan Dussel: Mid-40s-50, dentist, stodgy, old-fashioned, disciplined, hypercritical,  horrified at Anne’s behavior, genuinely does not like people. Picky and unhappy with everything, a man who has not come to terms with his situation. He is a perfectionist and easily angered.

Miep Gies: 25-40, Austrian refugee living in the Netherlands, employed by Mr. Frank, entrusted by Otto Frank with provisioning the occupants of the Annex and hiding them from the outside world. She is courageous, empathetic, compassionate, and friendly.

Mr. Kraler: 35-45, Dutch, helps Miep with the responsibilities of feeding and hiding the occupants of the Annex, is an employee of Mr. Frank’s company, a trusted colleague and friend. He is sympathetic to their plight, does what he can for them, and runs the company in Mr. Frank’s name.

Nazi Officers (3): One is a German Nazi in uniform and the other two are Dutchmen sympathetic to the Nazi cause. They are brutal in their treatment of the Annex occupants.



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In this gripping new adaptation by Wendy Kesselman, from the original stage play by Goodrich and Hackett, newly discovered writings from the diary of Anne Frank, as well as survivor accounts, are interwoven to create a contemporary impassioned story of the lives of people persecuted under Nazi rule. This is an adaptation for a new generation able to confront the true horrors of the Holocaust. "Undeniably moving. It shatters the heart. The evening never lets us forget the inhuman darkness waiting to claim its incandescently human heroine." - NY Times.

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