The mission of the Association of Community Theatres – Central Ontario (ACT-CO) is to provide an expanding and vital cultural resource to community theatres throughout central Ontario and in conjunction with other regional associations of community theatres throughout Ontario thereby helping community theatre to thrive.


We see a quality driven cultural/educational organization dedicated to providing excellence in training and education in the many facets of community theatre with a clear fostering of collaboration and mentorship.

We see an advisory body that advocates for community theatre throughout central Ontario and in conjunction with other regional associations of community theatres in Ontario. In this we see an inclusion of searching down and assisting with opportunities for financial support.

We see an organization that actively supports and promotes diversity and inclusivity, as well as new, emerging, and innovative challenges in the artistic community.

We see an organization that creates and maintains a flourishing theatre festival in and for central Ontario while cooperating with like-minded organizations outside of the central Ontario area while remaining within the province.

Invitation for Adjudicators

ACT-CO invites applications for Adjudicators in the 2024-25 season. We are hiring Adjudicators in the following categories: Drama, Comedy, and Musicals. The adjudication schedule runs from mid-October to late March. The deadline to apply is April 22, 2024.

Please review the following adjudicator criteria before applying

  • Minimum three years of experience as a director, actor, designer, or stage manager for recognized professional theatre companies (not community theatres) or teaching Theatre Arts/drama at the University level. These do not have to be PACT member companies, but should not be hybrid small business theatres (where actors are not compensated or offered honoraria while management makes a living)

  • A working or theoretical knowledge of most aspects of theatre production - set, lighting, costumes, etc.

  • Teaching or coaching experience (giving feedback)

  • The Adjudicator’s course that was run by the now defunct Theatre Ontario is a bonus that will be considered in concert with the other foregoing requirements.

  • Confident in public speaking

  • They should not be current community theatre practitioners in any region, but they should understand how community theatre works. All theatre professionals in Canada started out in community theatre.


    There will be an honorarium for each adjudication. Historically, there are 10–15 Adjudications per category.

    Application Information

    To apply, please prepare and submit the following items:

  • A current resume highlighting relevant experience.

  • A cover letter stating your interest.

  • Names and contact information of two arts-related references, for example, theatre groups for which you have worked previously.

  • Send the application package to Interview dates and times will be determined by the Hiring Committee likely during the last week of April or first week of May 2024. Interviews will be via Zoom meetings. ACT-CO is thankful to all who express interest in the position; however, we will only be extending interviews to candidates who have been selected for consideration.

    Additional Notes on the Adjudication Process

    The purpose of an adjudication is a positive process for the audience and the participants. It should be a forum for the exchange of ideas that will raise the bar for future productions.

    Expectations of Adjudicators in an Adjudication:

  • Sensitive to and understand the volunteers in community theatre who are giving of their time and talent for the love of the art. Any criticism should be constructive and of the performance rather than of the performer.

  • Should be well prepared, objective and have great verbal communication skills. They must have the ability to organize their thoughts quickly to present them to the audience.

  • It is important that the adjudicator help the audience understand what they have been watching and to enlighten them about the work of the playwright and the genre of the production.

  • A sense of humour is important and the ability to be flexible when issues arise.

  • When dealing with participants, it is important to be fair, patient, and willing to listen.

  • The ability to teach is most important. When something is not working, the adjudicator must be able to offer alternatives and for example, take a scene and rework it instead of just talking about it.

  • They should be an excellent facilitator who can be non-confrontational but challenging.

The most important characteristic of an adjudicator is a passion and excitement for the work. They should be businesslike but show passion for what they are doing. If that can be accomplished, no one will leave feeling disappointed.

Successful candidates will be added to the new and growing ACT-CO Talent Bank.

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