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  The Association of Community Theatres - Central Ontario (ACT-CO) is a regional not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting community theatre in Central Ontario. The organization's boundaries are delimited by Lake Ontario (South), Muskoka (North), Georgetown (West), and Bowmanville (East).
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The Central Ontario Drama League (C.O.D.L.), founded in 1932, became ACT-CO in 1974 and was incorporated as a not-for-profit in May 1990. ACT-CO does not have charitable status.
  A - Advocacy ACT-CO provides a voice for members’ concerns and representation at the provincial level in discussions and decisions affecting community theatre companies including funding and facilities.  
  C - Communication ACT-CO encourages communication and networking between member groups, other regions and the public; markets community theatre to a broad audience; and distributes a newsletter, ACTION News.  
  T - Teaching ACT-CO provides educational opportunities through workshops and the Festival and also aids and advises on every aspect of community theatre.  
  C - Creativity ACT-CO encourages creativity, new ideas and the exploration of excellence in community theatre. The organization thrives on the diversity of its member groups.  
  O - Opportunities ACT-CO strives to provide opportunities for the community theatre sector to grow and flourish through new programs and marketing.  

Our main focus is education, but we also provide various services to our member groups including input into Community Theatre at the provincial level through our membership in Theatre Ontario. Our bi-monthly newsletter, ACTION News, contains information about not only what is going on within this region of community Theatre, but also what is happening in the 4 other community theatre regions in the Province.

We provide workshops in various aspects of theatre such as set design, producing, audition techniques etc. Our most visible educational activity however, is our Festival. Our festival usually has about 40 productions entered in the musical, drama and comedy categories.

Each production entered in the festival receives an adjudication. Our adjudicators are working theatre professionals. The adjudicators attend one performance of each show in their category. Following the performance they will spend approximately twenty minutes with the general audience in a public adjudication to give a high level overview of the production and some of their observations and highlights. The adjudicator will then have an in-depth dialogue with the members of the production and the company about the performance they just viewed. This is meant to give the group ideas and suggestions on ways to move their performances forward, and continue producing top-notch theatre for both theirs and their audience's benefit.

The festival culminates each year in April at our Annual Thea Awards Gala when the adjudicators are asked to select nominations and winners in a number of categories to recognize outstanding performances and achievements from this past year's season. These awards, called THEAs, are presented at the Gala.

A further job of our adjudicators is to select what they consider to be the best production of our Festival. The group winning this award has the privilege to represent our ACT-CO region at the annual Theatre Ontario Festival in May.

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